Host City for the Olympics 2020: Madrid, Tokyo, or Istanbul?

After several months of waiting  to know which city will be winner to host the Olympic Games in 2020, the day has finally arrive. Today,  is the big day and the day of the truth for these three beautiful cities: Madrid 2020 (@Madrid2020ESTokyo 2020, and Istanbul 2020. All of them offer great space to host this important event; nonetheless, in my perspective,  I think the best place/option to host such important games is Madrid 2020. Madrid is a beautiful city that is prepared: it has a great infrastructure, it is a safe country, and its transportation, culture, and people make of this city the perfect place to celebrate.

Many people might say that Madrid is not prepared due to the economic crisis the country is facing and then, Tokyo shows up as the best option; I might say, right now Madrid could be facing a tough situation; nonetheless, I totally believe this event will push the country to move on. All people from Madrid and the whole country, Spain, will be happy and proud of being the host city/country in 2020. Go Madrid 2020!