Tired of Linkedin?

tyba     tyba 2

If you think that LinkedIn does not provide you with the opportunity to show your whole picture (skills, portfolio, pictures, videos, your whole you) to prospect employers, and you feel that linkedIn is turning a little boring,  now you have the opportunity to try a new site called TYBA. I found TYBA user friendly and on top of this, it gives you the ability to add several sections on the site to showcase all the  work  you want to show to prospect recruiters. I came across with this site while browsing different news on my former University’s twitter account (IE Business School), where I studied my Master’s Degree.

TYBA mission is to connect talented individuals at an early stage in their careers with companies looking to hire them. TYBA founders were students from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. This piece of news made me happy because they were students from my alma mater.

In my opinion, I have lately found LinkedIn a little bit boring because the information you can share about your work is  limited; even though, some changes have been made recently. In general,  I feel that LinkedIn is made more for people, who have some years of experience (around 3 years of experience) and it does not help students, who are trying to get an internship or just want to jump into the job market as entry level employees.  Discover the TYBA experience, it is fun!!

Congratulations Jorge Schnura, Eiso Kant, and Phillip Von Have in such a great start-up and good luck!!! Sure, it will be a great success.


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